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The band, and its movement, is today's answer to bringing cultures and musical styles together.  Creating an experience that reaches across genres and generations, appealing to music-loving connoisseurs and younger audiences alike.

Featuring some of New York City's renowned Latin and Jazz musicians, led by trumpeter/singer Luis E. Ramirez, A Latin Movement fuses elements of Latin Jazz, Salsa, Reggae and Soul into their own distinct sound taking the listener on a passionate journey.

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As founder and director Luis E. Ramirez puts it,

"In my life and musical journey, I've had the honor of meeting and playing with so many great musicians in many different genres. I figured there has to be a way that we can all jam together to somehow learn from each other and share our musical experiences. With that mindset, 'A Latin Movement' was formed.


Using these musical influences and experiences that I’ve gained throughout my life, while adding a little of my own sound, and then sharing it with everyone else in the room, and now, for the first time, I get to also share it with the world is an amazing feeling that grows stronger every day.

To put it simply, 'A Latin Movement' is meant to empower young and veteran musicians alike to help us keep our music alive through the sharing of our combined musical journey." 

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Talk soon!

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